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Copyright Notice


SEOlytics GmbH reserves all rights for the SEOlytics API and the data delivered by the SEOlytics API.

Distribution and operation of software (including - but not limited to - computer applications, shell scripts, mobile phone apps, web applications, web services) that displays, returns, sends, or in any other way transports data obtained via the SEOlytics API to third parties (individuals or organizations not owning the API key used to obtain the data) requires the explicit written consent of SEOlytics GmbH.

Changelog SEOlytics API



The SEOlytics API allows you to access SEOlytics

  • rankings,
  • SVR (SEOlytics Visibility Rank),
  • backlinks,
  • AdWords data

from within

  • programs,
  • Excel sheets,
  • shell prompt,
  • web browser,
  • or whatever other environment 

that permits you to

  • issue plain and simple HTTP GET requests and
  • parse CSV, HTML, XML, or JSON formats. 

The API provides a simple RESTful HTTP interface that is on the one hand easy to use and on the other hand offers the powerful filtering capabilities you are accustomed to from the SEOlytics tool itself. The API is just the right solution for you to seamlessly embed SEOlytics data in your workflows and satisfy even your most unusual reporting and analysis needs.

SEOlytics API users are not patronized with artificially rigid usage restrictions. With call credit balances starting at 1.200.000 credits per month (300.000 per week), we have brought our liberal data export policy from the SEOlytics tool over to the API empowering you to serious number crunching. 

First Example

Interested in seeing how easy it is to retrieve this week's SVR value of the domain in Germany via the API?

Just click on this URL: 

Your browser will render the JSON result in the browser window:


Use Cases

See how the API can be used to include SVR values into the Seoquake browser toolbar:


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